1. Can I write off my rental payments?

In many cases you can expense your lease payment as a pre-tax charge to your earnings. Leasing your equipment allows you the flexibility to structure your debt in a manner that will enhance your company's financial position. Term debt must be capitalized and therefore may interfere with your company's future financial structure.


2. How do I get started?

We're glad you asked. It's easy. Simply contact us online at askus@celticfinance.com or call us toll-free at (866) 323-5842 or (949) 263-3880. We will be happy to assist you. Be sure to ask for our Celtic Commercial Finance information packet.


3. Is 100% lease/financing available?

Yes. In fact, most of our transactions require no down payment from the lessee.


4. What types of lease terms and end-of-term options are available?

Depending on the equipment, lease terms can range from two to seven years. End-of-term lease options include FMV, % options, PUT, and $1.00 buy-outs.


5. Who selects the equipment vendor?

In most situations, the lessee selects the equipment and vendor. This ensures you have negotiated the best prices possible, and that you are acquiring the equipment that best meets your exact needs. However, especially for hi-tech acquisitions, Celtic is happy to assist with the acquisition of equipment, often at discounted pricing.



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