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At Celtic Commercial Finance, we recognize one lease does not fit all. Our core values of service, flexibility and partnership ensure our focus is to provide lease and finance solutions that best fits your company’s individual needs. In addition to providing traditional lease structures, Celtic also has extensive experience in creating smart leasing and finance solutions. Our Master Lease Agreement will facilitate multiple lease schedules while delivering maximum flexibility. For specific product descriptions, read about the leasing and financing solutions listed below:


Operating Leases:

Terms of the lease may vary, and often include flexible lease periods with end-of-term options such as:

  • Purchasing the equipment for fair market value (FMV)
  • Renewing the lease
  • Returning the equipment to the lessor


Capital Leases:

Offer a fixed end-of-term buyout amount, this type of lease is designed for lessees who prefer to own the equipment at the conclusion of the lease. Capital leases are typically used for equipment that is not subject to obsolescence but rather has a long useful life. Depreciation benefits accrue for the account of the lease.


Specialized Leases:

Step Leases, PRO Leases, Deferred Payment Leases, Note and Security Agreements, and other lease structures are also available to meet the lessee’s specific leasing requirements.



This type of lease involves the lessor purchasing existing assets from the lessee and immediately leasing those assets back to the lessee. A purchase/leaseback transaction can be structured as either an Operating or Capital lease. This solution allows companies to infuse cash into their business by closely matching the expense with the useful life of the asset.



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